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The Little Finger Lakes "Wine Path" Unveiled

Livingston County Tourism Director, Lisa Burns unveiled the new Little Finger Lakes "Wine Path" brochure on Saturday night at the Little Finger Lakes Food Festival Dinner held at Eagle Crest Vineyards on Hemlock Lake.

The brochure highlighting Livingston County's two wineries is a collaborative effort between the county's tourism office and the two wineries on Conesus and Hemlock Lakes. "While other areas of the Finger Lakes feature their many wineries on large "wine trails" we hoped to bring attention to the fact that we have two stellar wineries right here in Livingston County," says Lisa Burns. "We took the trail concept and paired it down to fit our smaller focus. A trail often begins with a path so it seemed fitting for us to begin our journey in this way."

The cover of the brochure features a picture of the two winemakers, George Kuyon of Deer Run Winery on Conesus Lake and Bob Beckmann of Eagle Crest Vineyards on Hemlock Lake. They are standing along a path in a grape arbor, toasting with glasses of their wine. The message on the brochure states, "If several wineries surrounding a lake can form a "trail," then surely one of the oldest and one of the newest Finger Lakes Wineries can forge a path."

Eagle Crest Vineyards has been in continual operation since 1872 and was established by Bishop McQuaid from Rochester for production of sacramental wines and is still today one of the largest producers of altar wines in the United States. They are branching out into commercial wines sales while still maintaining their stoic heritage. Deer Run Winery is a baby in comparison to Eagle Crest, having begun operation in 2002. It has grown remarkably in its infancy and has established itself as one of the up and coming wineries in the Finger Lakes having won the prestigious Silver Medal at the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in April for the 2003 Traminette.

The Little Finger Lakes Wine Path Brochure is available at the county operated visitor's centers in Geneseo and Dansville and at many local retailers, restaurants, hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and at each winery. It can also be seen by visiting the county's tourism website, www.FingerLakesWest.com. It is being circulated throughout the state and the northeast and will be utilized as a tool to generate tourism visitation into Livingston County. "We have so much to offer tourist here in Livingston County and our unique and beautiful wineries just scratch the surface." says Burns.

Visit Deer Run Winery at www.deerrunwinery.com

Visit Eagle Crest Vineyards at www.eaglecrestvineyards.com