Letchworth State Park


Grand Canyon of the East

Letchworth-1Letchworth State Park is one of our region's crown jewels. The park spans 14 thousand acres along the majestic Genesee River. Its stunning scenery, gorges, miles of trails, swimming pools and facilities make it a perfect destination. Photographers, families and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy this year-round vacation spot.

A Rich History

letchworth-cardThe park is rich with history. Within its borders stand a restored Seneca Indian Council House, the grave of Mary Jemison, "The White Woman of the Genesee," and a Native American history museum. The museum displays exhibits on the evolution of the park, the lift of William Pryor Letchworth, and sits adjacent to his home, now the Glen Iris Inn. 

To learn more about the History of Letchworth, visit: letchworthparkhistory.com

Mount Morris Dam

mmdamThe US Army Corps of Engineers built the Mount Morris Dam in the late 1940s to prevent flooding on the lower Genesee River. Today, the dam continues to provide flood protection along 67 miles of the Genesee River Valley from the village of Mount Morris to downtown Rochester where the river enters Lake Ontario. 

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