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Sugar Bush Hollow

  • 8447 Pardee Hollow Road
  • Wayland, NY 14572
  •  585 943-3475
  •  visit website

...a pure Maple Syrup Production Farm located in the Finger Lakes of New York State. We produce 100% pure natural maple syrup and maple products at our state of the art sugarhouse in East Springwater.

Sugarbush Hollow’s unique topography is close to Canandaigua Lake and Naples, New York and surrounded by the Bristol Hills. We are blessed with excellent soils, many springs and weather conditions that are conducive to producing award winning maple syrups.

We offer many educational programs and recreational opportunities to the public to learn about how maple sap is made into maple syrup, hikes into the sugarbush, learn the difference between sugar maple trees and other tree species, old fashion techniques of cooking maple sap, grades of maple syrup and flavors, as well as recipes to cook with maple syrup.