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Vitale Park

  • On the Northern Shore of Conesus Lake
  • Lakeville, New York
  •  (585) 346-3710 (Livonia Town Office)

A pleasant location with plenty of room to enjoy the natural beauty of Conesus Lake. A relaxing rest stop for travelers, a charming walking area for outdoor enthusiasts and swimming, picnicking and play areas for the entire family. The park features free summer concerts on Sunday evenings that can be enjoyed in your folding chairs or on your boat. www.conesuslake.org or www.livoniany.org

A three year (2005-2007) expansion project is underway adjacent to the park (Sand Point West) that will be dedicated to restful and educational endeavors with walking paths, garden areas, lake viewing benches and eventually an interpretative center.

Vitale Park is a "Carry In, Carry Out" park.