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Big House Stables

  • 15 Avon Road
  • Geneseo, New York 14454
  • Susan S. Kelley, Centered Riding Instructor
  •  (585) 507-3397, leave message
  •  visit website

Susan is a Certified Centered Riding® Instructor who has over 35 years experience teaching riding. She has a small high quality stable with reliable family owned horses for her lessons. She does not rent out horses, her focus is to prepare her students to ride in a safe relaxed manner. When students acquire the skills, and if they wish, she can then take them riding out in the beautiful Genesee Valley countryside.

A Centered Riding Instructor is different from a regular riding instructor. With Centered Riding®, the instructor helps riders by making them more aware of how they are using their body to communicate with the horse. Through a series of mounted and UN-mounted exercises designed to increase awareness, riders develop a more acute sense of feel for their body and how it is moving. This enables them to communicate with their mounts more effectively. The goal is a truly independent seat with harmonious aids.

Horses ridden this way will be happier and safer to ride and riders will have a healthier body as they are taught to use their bodies more effectively with less wear and tear on their joints.